Starting Over.

29 Sep
I’m not good at introductions, except I do a great job of introducing other people. It’s weird. I know myself better than anyone else, but who can really describe themselves in just a few words? I admit, I can’t do it. Whenever I’m forced to introduce myself, I feel like I’m tripping up on my own words. In the end, I know myself better than anyone, but what makes it so hard?

The feeling of being rejected. The feeling that whatever I choose to say, that someone else won’t understand. Or that they won’t have something to comment upon to that makes feel so alone. Maybe that’s why you could say I’m a blogger. Because I can “quietly” (depends on how you look at) share my opinions/thoughts about my life (what I chosoe to share of it), fitness, health and wellness without feeling like the center of attention. Surprisingly, sometimes I’m embarassed to share my point of view just because I can’t properly find the words. On a positive note, blogging for me is a self reflective process. I want to be able to look back on post number one six months from now and feel confident to describe myself, in a postitive light without being so critical.

So here we are, round two.


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