Imperfect Relationships.

1 Oct
I swear, everything is connected. There is a deeper relationship that I have yet to discover with my body and the world around me, that I think once I discover it, will be a pretty eye opening discovery. The little “ingredients” that sometimes I think doesn’t change my overall outlook on myself, does have a significant impact on my overall wellbeing. On a higher level, I try and surround myself with positive optimistic people who aren’t self critical (everyone is at some point) and maintain a healthy relationship with their bodies.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with my body hasn’t been an easy task. Sure, everyone’s got their own insecurities. You could say that I’m doing my best to embrace my inner sexy. To let that craving of being perfect in every which way go, and be my best imperfect self. Perfection is a matter of opinion, and beauty is a matter of thought. If I can tell myself five imperfect things that I love about myself everyday in the mirror (and it will be a challenge, maybe I’ll shed a tear or two) I think will help my overall image/relationship that I have with myself.

I am what I am, and I am uniquely imperfect and so aren’t you.


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