Healthy Indulgences.

2 Oct
Indulgence. Everyone has their one thing (or two) they must eat. For me, I love sweets. Not chocolate type of sweets, but sweets. Things that are naturally sweet (boring, I know) and somewhat healthy for you. Alright, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be healthy, but if it is twice the bonus points for me.

Introducing… yummy goodness of health: baked apples!
Baked Apples.

Baked apples. I don’t think you understand. I really can’t even believe I’m able to eat this. I love apples (especially raw and fresh), but my gastrointestinal tract does not love them. Simply, it’s way too fiberous and I can’t digest them. But, a baked apple? Totally. I mean, I was in heaven. Not only could I eat an apple (I’m so tired of applesauce) but it felt so nice to be able to enjoy it, without feeling so limited to what kind of apple I can do. Also, I can’t eat dried apples or apple chips. The result isn’t pretty and I’d rather save my stomach.

Cristina’s Mum’s Twist on a Baked Apple (lame title, I know)
– MacIntosh apples
– 1/2 cup Orange juice (amount varies due to size of apples)
– Cinnamon spice blend (ours was mixed with other cinnamon type spices)
– Natural sugar

1. Core the apples, and of course remove the stickers
2. Pour enough orange juice into a baking dish, enough to cover the bottom
3. Create a mix of cinnamon spice and natural sugar and pour into each core
4. Pour the remaining orange juice into each apple so it overspills
5. Bake at 375ºF for 45-minutes

I really loved this healthy dessert that I devoured two apples!


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