Bare Naked.

3 Oct
I used to work in and industry where pretty faces were required. You had to wear makeup, and tons of it. There were so many days where I didn’t feel like layering my makeup to achieve this standard of beauty, an image that I could easily sell the product of, and have women of all ages desire to achieve my “look” of a young face without wrinkles. Believe it or not, there are so many days where I crave to leave the house without a speck of makeup on. Oh, alright… I’ll throw on a light sweep of foundation, bronzer and lipgloss and go.

Except, I feel like I deserve a little bif of naked-ness. Therefore, every Sunday (regardless of the occasion), I’m going completely au naturel. Yes, no makeup. The only thing that I will wear on my face is skincare. When it comes to skincare, I’m a huge fan of Origins for their simplistic approach to skincare and makeup.

A few of my favorites include A Perfect World antioxidant cleanser, Starting Over moisturizer and GinZing eyecream. I gotta say, I love GinZing simply because it makes my eyes look more awake even if I didn’t get my minimum of nine hours of sleep a night.

I urge you to join me for Bare Naked Sundays. If you feel like you need something on your face, go for bronzer and lipgloss. Anything else? Nope… not today. The reason behind it is really to accept myself the way I was born. Nobody came out on their birthday with a face of makeup on. You came out as you are, without plastic surgery and layers of makeup and perfect hair.

Embrace your inner sexy and imperfect self.


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