Go for It Cupcake.

3 Oct
I try and stay as active as possible. For the longest time, I belonged to an overpriced local gym that offered many classes including Yoga, Zumba and my favorite Spinning. Belonging to a gym had it’s own great benefits such as seeing the same people at the same time (cute guys, yes!) and having a sense of accountability. I knew that if I didn’t attend that Yoga class, those who I saw every week would wonder where I was. It wasn’t that I felt unaccountable for not being there, but sometimes you just can’t motivate yourself to do it.

On average, my workouts consist of cardio, Yoga and sometimes a fitness DVD. Of course there are so many times (too many to count) that I get bored of the same routine. Also, I do read a few great fitness magazines such as SELF, Health and sometimes Women’s Health. My favorite magazine is “SELF” for it’s realistic approach to healthy living and fitness. Their programs are awesome, and I’m putting my own spin on Reach Your Goal.


There are workouts that I really love, such as Yoga. I own this amazing Yoga DVD that I really recommend. It’s called “Power Yoga for Happiness 2” with Eoin Finn. I’ve found that most DVD’s are just too hard to follow. Even though I know the poses, for a beginner it’s perfect. There are many sets, and my favorite is dubbed “Bliss Rider”. I’ve been practicing Yoga since college, but I want to be a bit more dedicated to my practice.

Mixing it a up a bit, my workout calendar is different each week (click to see):


Creating the calendar took some time, but now I’m realizing that I didn’t “schedule” myself for as many Yoga practices as I will like. There’s always the idea of adding in a shorter Yoga practice on rest days, but doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Doing my best to keep myself consistent, I need the times. I need to think of my workouts as an appointment, something that I can’t miss. Sure, there will be times that I just can’t workout (sickness or an emergency) but I really want to avoid the “I can’t” excuses that are lame, pointless and without any solid reasoning behind.

And… it’s Yoga time.


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