Rainy Day Blues.

4 Oct
Waking up this morning to the sound of pouring rain, I knew I could sleep in. It wasn’t that I knew I could sleep in, but I scheduled myself for a morning workout. You see, I’ve never (ever!) been one of those “let’s wake up at the crack of dawn to exercise” types. Except, on a few rare occasions I have done that before, and it really energizes my day to the point that who needs coffee? But, it was raining. Whenever it rains, I never have the energy or motivation to do just about everything. Trying to keep myself on track, I proceeded on.

Keeping myself accountable, I pre-planned my meals and snacks yesteday for Monday. Also, I’ve never been one of those breakfast types, and more often than not I’d grab some sugary treat or nothing at all. But, I really… enjoyed this breakfast. When it comes to breakfast, I try and have a little bit of everything (grains, fruit/veg, fat, and protein). It’s not that I follow a specific formula to plan meals, but my lovely Dietecian created a meal plan for me that I really like, and it’s saved me in the meltdown moments of “I don’t know what to eat”.

October 4 Breakfast.

Breakfast was oh so delicious! My favorite part was definitely Quaker Instant Banana Nut Oatmeal. I’m not an oatmeal fan simply because I can’t get the texture right, but this was delicious. I really liked how I can cook it in the microwave for literally 30 seconds and I’ve got breakfast. As for the yogurt, I choose Stonyfield Probiotic yogurt because probiotics make my gastrointestinal track happier. Everything else I planned was just yummy, but I ate the almonds on the way to work so I was running on time.

As for lunch, I couldn’t of picked it better. I mean, a rainy day always calls for soup! Yesterday, my Mum was on a cooking spree and made both Italian wedding soup! It was so nice of her to put some soup in a little microwaveable bowl. I mean, it was so good that I inhaled it in seconds. I do need to mention (for the sake of clarity) that the oatmeal I had for breakfast really held me over until lunch, but I couldn’t resist my snack size bag of Pirate Booty for a late morning snack.

October 4 Lunch.

Feeling pretty drained, I start making up all the reasons why I can’t/shouldn’t exercise. I’m the queen of excuses. I can come up with lame reasons why I can’t do something. But reminding myself of the end goal (burn the fat, tone up and gain new curves) I put on my favorite workout gear, sneakers and my Garmin Forerunner, I hit the pavement. Getting started was, well… getting started. As soon as I started, I realized that I forgot to swipe on BodyGlide (what was I thinking?) and bring my iFitness Belt. It wasn’t too bad, and to keep myself occupied I tweeted.

When you’re feeling unmotivated to exercise, what’s your trick?


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