Better Late Than Never.

5 Oct
Waking up, feeling completely exhausted for no apparent reason that logically made sense (I did go to sleep at 7:30pm Monday evening and slept for a whopping twelve hours which I desperately needed), I attempted to energize myself naturally. How? A super breakfast. Honestly, I actually crave breakfast in the early morning because it’s been a regular part of my morning. This excites me so much that tomorrow I’m calling my Dietician to share my good news of eating breakfast. Seriously, he’s been trying to get me on the breakfast bandwagon for so many years that sometimes I’m into it, and other times I’m just not but now, I need that fuel!

Still feeling sluggish as ever, I picked up a very crappy coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. On a secondary note, I’ve been doing my best to remove coffee and caffeine from my diet. Why? Both wreck havoc on my gastrointestinal track. It’s one of those “maybe” items that sometimes it bothers me and other times it just doesn’t. Because I’m not experiencing any abdominal spasms, I’d like to refrain from including those as much as possible. Getting back to the coffee, it didn’t even taste good. I actually found my flavored water to be more energizing than a crappy coffee.

Tonight while watching “The Biggest Loser” (one of my favorites) post workout (definitely one of those better late than never/one mile is better than nothing sessions), I decided to take a few minutes to do what I do best: meal planning! For me, meal planning is essential. I can not tell you how many times I become so nervous around meal time if I don’t have a plan. Sure, if I want to change the plan I can. But not having one is a recipe for disaster. See, I plan my meals and snacks one day in advance. So here’s tomorrow’s menu (a glance):


Whenever I’m putting my meals together, I try and do as much prep as I can. If I’m let’s say, taking some crackers with me for lunch, I’ll put at least one serving size of crackers into a sandwich bag and put it into my lunchbag. Whatever I can do to save myself time in the morning, I’ll do it. But I don’t go crazy with prep. If it’s something simple like putting a serving of cereal into a bowl, I’ll do that. Or at least get it ready to go, so it’s just pour and eat. But what works for me may not work for you. Also, I love snack sized bags of things. It’s so easy to “grab and go” with it for snacks and add on’s for meals. It’s always been some sort of better late than never opportunities. If I save myself the anxiety attack, I’m golden. But if I somehow forget, it’s the trying to keep myself calm and not cry moment that’s the toughest.

Did I have a plan for tonight’s dinner? Not at all. In fact, I recalled upon an idea from Iowa Girl Eats for a “kitchen sink salad”.


I used the following ingredients, which I thought wouldn’t work, but in fact… I made an extra salad for tomorrow’s lunch! I included a Boca chick’n veggie burger, sauteed broccoli and cheese. It sounds boring, but the honey mustard dressing added an awesome punch. But anyways, I have some delicious eats planned for Wednesday that I’m already drooling about it. I love it when I plan a healthy meal that gives me a party in my mouth.

PS: How on earth do some people wake up for 6am workouts?


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