Up and Running.

9 Oct
Everyone has their thing. You could say, I’ve always been a fan of challenges. Trying things that maybe I will struggle with, just to see what I’m made out of. More often than not, do I surprise myself in the act of trying, and come up on top. Sometimes it’s just the getting out there part that is the most challenging part of all, not so much of it being a mental challenge.

In January I started running. Running on the treadmill (hate it), and my preference, the pavement. I have this sort of philosophical way of looking at it. The pavement is always there for you. Running is one of those things that I can (basically, you can) do anywhere. As long as you’re prepped and ready to go, you’re off and running. But it’s always there. I’ve had some really killer times, that I almost wonder “how did I swing that?”. Above anything, I’ve struggled to have both my physical and mental self running as one, in sync.

Times like the Boston Marathon are most inspiring. It’s one of those days, that even if you’re not a runner, you feel inspired to get out there and do it. I’m sure the training process is hell. It’s not going to to be easy, then again everyone has days like that. Days that you’re just not into your workout, but somehow you’re able to stick with it and just do it. You can give yourself excuses until the cows come home, but if you say you’re going to “try” you’ve already failed. I don’t “try” and run, I do it. I don’t “try” and challenge myself, I challenge myself. I get out there, put the excuses on the back burner, and do it.

There are inspiring communities such as DailyMile and my favorite, Lululemon Athletica group of athletes, who continue to inspire me day in and day out, to push myself to new heights. Of course with any physical activity, I’m not seeking perfection. Perfection is that of opinion, one that I try and avoid. Yes, I might have a dubbed “perfect” run, but I view it as it was how it was meant to be.

Get out there, challenge yourself and go for it cupcake.


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