Monday Stuff.

11 Oct
I wear pink. I wear pink for balance and strength. Oddly enough, a lot of what I wear during my workouts is somehow pink based. During yesterday’s Pink Warrior, many runners/walkers who passed me commented on my “pink”. You could call me the dubbed Pink Warrior, except I feel so strong personally and emotionally when I wear pink. It is one of my favorite colors, aside from yellow and green. I think everyone has their personal “color” that motivates and insprires them. Ha, notice the “pink” theme.

Waking up feeling super confident and just simply on cloud nine, I knew I needed to eat. Yesterday at the grocery store, I noticed that my favorite banana walnut oatmeal has a new companion Apple Cranberry Almond. Because it was on sale, I picked up two boxes. I must say, this oatmeal was delish! I needed to refuel, and normally I’d have one packet but I was so hungry so I ate two in a flash.


Once lunch came around, I was in search of the perfect pick me up. Feeling like I wanted something quick, healthy and easy tomato cheese basil sandwich was perfect. I gotta say, the sandwich came out perfectly this time (not burnt!) because I remembered to turn the heat way down. Also, I used a different brand of deli flat which I like better because it’s just a bit larger.


Another awesome (and healthy) companion to lunch was a few handfulls of Popchips. I swear, I love these especially salt and vinegar flavor. They are hands down the best chips I’ve ever had. Also, you see that bottle? Yes… it’s one of those many bottles I have collected that I swear, I always loose them somewhow. Finishing up lunch and getting ready to go back upstairs, my little friend appeared wanting attention (of course, what else?).


Oh hello, AJ. Introducing AJ, the alpha male. I hate it when the dog barks at me, especially for food. He didn’t want any treats, but just some doggy love. He’s not really my dog, but my parents have another dog too. She was hiding at the moment when I took this photo, but I’m sure you’ll see her on the bloggy sometime in the future.

It’s a beautiful day, and I can’t wait to get outside.


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