Brains and Beauty.

12 Oct
You know when you’re single and ready to mingle, but not finding that special someone yet – that the last thing you really want to hear is “you’ll meet someone when you least expect it” phrase? Please stop telling me that. It’s beyond it’s expiration date, and what surprises me the most is that I want to believe it, but I’ve figured out something huge.

He will not come approach me when I’m not wearing any makeup and in sweatpants. Let’s face it, I love my Yoga pants. After a long day of work, the automatic response is to hop into Yoga pants, throw my hair in a ponytail (maybe put on my pink Red Sox hat), wear some lipgloss and call it a day. Really, that’s the truth. Except, men are visual creatures. Am I really going to attract Mr. Right when I’m dressed down? From personal experience (when I’m hitting the bar scene which is very rare) I recieve the most attention when I have my prettifiers on, smell and look good.

If I’ll meet him when I least expect it, then of course I want to look my best. That’s where I really feel the pressure. As if I need to look my best for every occasion, even if I’m just running out to grab coffee or do errands. I’d really hate his first memory of me to be something lame like “I met you while you were in your sweatpants”. That’s not really how I want to remember things.

Actually, I’ve been conflicted with this issue. Without going into nitty gritty details, I’ve struggled with feeling pretty enough. It’s the whole self worth thing. I feel that I’m important, but it’s important that he accepts me the way I am, not for how he feels l should be. Honey, I’m not changing. Part of me thinks “screw the idea of looking good all the time” and wear those sweatpants. Mr. Right is bound to see me in sweatpants, etc but do I really want him to see me like that the first time he discovers me? First impressions count, yet I feel so conflicted and anxiety ridden about this. Yes, I want to make the best impression for him, but I don’t want to feel so out of my element that I feel “forced” to be pretty all the time to keep his attention.

He should accept me for me, even if I’m in sweatpants.


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