Happy Medium.

21 Oct
I swear, everything is connected internally and externally that somehow affects how we feel not only about ourselves, but towards our bodies.

I’ve been reminded to get back to basics. Sometimes I’m tempted to try fancy yogurt and stray away from the kind that works for me, the Stonyfield. Other times, it’s playing around with various oatmeal brands, but I really enjoy Quaker Oats Hearty Medley’s. But in the end, whatever works for me is what works for me.

There’s always some risk involved when I stray from what works. It’s just a matter of time before something happens and I regret my decision. You see, back in July (after some doctor’s visits and tests – one that I hope to never repeat) I was diagnosed with IBS. Lately, I’ve been flaring too much for my own liking, which prompted me to get back to basics.

At the end of the day, eat a plethora and beyond of the foods that never cause any issues and avoid the other choices that sometimes and definitely cause problems. When it comes to diet, I it simple. Avoid processed foods, eat as organic and natural as possible, and splurge on the good stuff (cupcakes!) every now and again.

It’s all about balance.


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