Monster Mash.

21 Oct
I admit, the mornings are pretty hectic. I know I’ve been a bit off task with planning my meals and snacks the night before. But even before I get downstairs (of course, it depends on the timing too) I try and have a plan. Sometimes I’m literally throwing stuff together completely last minute, but this morning I tried to make it substantial.


Bananas, I love you. You are awesome. Actually, I had the idea of slicing up a banana the night before and freezing it to throw it into a smoothie with strawberries and yogurt. Why not? It’s a great add on, then I also thought of trying my hand at another, hopefully better tasting Green Monster smoothie. But I must say, the color really wigs me out and the taste is something I just can’t get right. But believe me, I want to love you, but I can’t find space in my heart to really enjoy having you in my belly without the feeling of…

On a brighter note, I’m doing my best to save my bucks and avoid Starbucks. Trust me, their coffee is amazing and so yummy, but too expensive. Sometimes I feel like the perfect coffee creamer can really add a nice punch to my boring coffee. Today it was French vanilla (decaf!), and a splash or two of Belgian Chococolate Toffee was oh so yum. Another drink of choice I’m loving at the moment? Blending teas from Teavana.


Lunch was another mish-mash. I’d call it a monster mashup, except it’s not even close to Halloween. The night before my Mum sauteed some broccolli with some garlic in a Wok-style pan. It was so good that I thought, “why not bring it with lunch”. It was very good, but I think the amount I brought was too much. Also, the chicken salad (dried cranberries, celery, almonds, chicken of course) was very good. Other pairings today were some Stonyfield yogurt (probiotic of course!) and a Kashi trail mix granola bar.


Getting ready to head out to my car, I discovered something to smile about


We recycle! Actually, our town (as I understand it) requires all residences and businesses to recycle. I remember a few weeks back, something was in the trash that shouldn’t of been and we recieved a warning about it. I think it’s important to recycle and do our best to save the environment. Even doing the littlest bit makes a big impact. I’m sure those who aren’t used to recycling wasn’t happy with having to sort the trash, except our town provided the recycling bins free of charge. Oh, how nice of them… but now if only when I do stop out for cofee/tea if I could just bring my own tumbler to do my part a bit further.

Oh, one last thing I’m trying out. Instead of reaching for that cup of coffee mid afternoon (which does nothing in the grand scheme of things except keep me up until 3am and trick my belly into thinking I’m hungry) is practicing Yoga in the afternoon to recharge. Speaking of Yoga, it’s time to…

Unroll my mat, Yogitoes and embrace my inner sexy.


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