Go Girl, Go!

30 Oct
You know, I have many favorite bloggies, but one of them is Carrots ‘N Cake. Personally, I love reading about others on their own fitness adventures and also those who lead a healthy lifestyle. I like reading about things they’ve tried (maybe a new recipe?) and the everyday things of life I also enjoy. But more importantly, she wrote about the importance of fueling for workouts. Of course as a newbie to fueling, I read up.

To be honest, pre-workout I either don’t eat or eat very little. I’ve found from experience that if I eat a big meal, I’m screwing myself over. I really need time to digest a big meal before I exercise (Yoga, running, walking… whatever I choose) that most of the time, I’ll eat a bar and go. But today, I decided to experiment with energy chews. I remind you, this is my first experience with fueling in this way but let’s go for it.

Initally, I reviewed what Tina wrote about fueling. I always see different “options” like energy blocks, sport beans, gel’s.. but frankly, I wasn’t sure what to pick! I decided to go with PowerBar Energy Blasts. Why did I pick them? Of course, I knew I’d be using them during my workout and the thought of choking on an energy block scared me. Pre-run, I chewed on two of these bites and waited. The energy came, and I knew I had to go fast.

During the workout, I refueled every ten minutes with one chew. It wasn’t a long run, but I wanted to try something different. I liked these, a lot. They didn’t taste bad, and were just the right consistency to chew as I go. In the end? I feel that the energy chews did dramatically improve my splits (thirty seconds apart!) and improve my overall workout. I’d like to explore other options too, but for my first time… not too bad.

How do you fuel for your workouts? Let the discussion begin.


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