Sunrise Session.

30 Oct
There’s something about getting back to basics that feels so good. Even though there are so many things I have yet to try that I’ve heard so much about (a la Body Pump?), I always find myself at the end of the day, doing what works best for me. Yes, I tend to dabble in a little bit of everything (I tried using swimming over the Summer but felt so clueless as to literally – what to do that I nixed the idea), but always have found my roots in Yoga.


Waking up bright and early this morning (what is early? Let’s just say way before 8am), I decided to unroll my mat for a little sunset session. There’s something about giving a weekend morning a positive hello to kick off the morning. I’m a big fan of practicing at home (because it saves me $15 bucks each time I’d normally take a class in a studio) because it’s just me at my mat, versus easily comparing myself to everyone in the studio feeling slightly less of a person because I can’t swing those challenging poses. Thinking that it’s time for a little bit of a challege, I decided to attempt to channel my own Healthy Ashley. Of course in Yoga, there are several poses like Crane Pose that I’ve longed to nail, but never even tried because I thought I couldn’t, but this morning… I was able to get my feet off the ground for a few seconds and ta da, I did it.

I practice for strength and balance. Don’t doubt these Yoga muscles…


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