Running Isn’t Perfect.

6 Nov
It’s such a weird thing. Running your first race. I mean, it doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced runner or if you just started. You never know how your body is going to perform. I guess it’s safe to say, that regardless of what I am, I’m an athlete who loves her Yoga muscles and considers running her personal zen practice.

Let’s begin. This morning I completed the Run For All Ages 5K, running around a beautiful lake in a neighboring town. Yes, I’m somewhere in Massachusetts. Were known for our sports teams, and well… chilly weather. This morning was no different. It was a bitter 42ºF at the start. No matter how many shot sized cups of Dunkin Donuts coffee’s I had and numerous munchkins, I couldn’t get warm. Of course, I layered up which I really needed to do because it was so cold.

Running the race overall was an emotional out of body experience. Starting out in a pack of people but only to dwindle to the back of the next to existen pack is tough. I wasn’t running with anyone. Believe it or not, all of my training runs are solo. I have this mentality that if I can’t get myself motivated, nobody can do it for me. So I run alone. Before the race, I met up one of my Daily Mile friends. If you’re a runner or some kind of athlete, I suggest joining because the community itself is so amazingly supportative!

Getting started was hell. HELL. I really thought to myself “why am I running this?” but reminded myself that I am capable of running and to finish what I started. I felt myself tearing up before the first mile. The mile markers really helped. I got so excited when I was approaching the three mile mark. I felt a boost of confidence that I did it, that I was next to finished! And trust me, I was thilled to be finished. I completed in 39:03 with a 12:36min/mile and what’s not to love about that?

Next up? Rest, recovery and another race on Thanksgiving morning.


One Response to “Running Isn’t Perfect.”

  1. Sara November 23, 2010 at 11:44 pm #

    Congratulations, that’s totally amazing! You should be very proud =) I always do training runs alone, but my dad runs so we sometimes do longer runs together on weekends. I should probably join Daily Mile..

    Oh and before every race I’ve done (4 total) I always think, “Why did I think this was a good idea..?” But there’s nothing like crossing that finish line!

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