The Barbie Complex.

27 Nov
She has everything. Friends, handsome boyfriends (was Ken the only one?), a few luxurious homes, a large family, and multiple careers. Blonde hair, yet sometimes I could of swore she tried being a brunette to prove that “blondes have more fun”. Yes, she’s just plastic. But something about her being just plastic, created a new set of ideals for young girls and women all over the world to try and live up to. I idolized her. Because Barbie has everything in her life, and was close to perfection.

Realistically, Barbie does not have the perfect body. There’s something still about “thinner is better” that I can’t seem to shake from my head, because it’s so rare that I see an average sized woman, someone who isn’t a size zero, in a magazine wearing awesome everyday clothes. Clothes that don’t hang off her petite frame. Clothes that actually look good, without clipping this and that to accentuate her frame, trying to make it appear thinner than what it actually is, because in the end of our materalistic word – does thin really sell better than being just average?

Yes, I am thin. Thinner than what I should be, but I’m working on yes – gaining more weight. Do I think I fit into a world of Barbie-type ideals? No. I sometimes wonder the influence of Barbie, what that has on the wants and desires of men when it comes to their perfect girlfriend. I certainly am not a supermodel. Yes, I am blonde… but I highlight my hair. I’m athletic, yes.. I run my heart out, and I keep in shape. Physically, I won’t go into details – but I have curves. Either you love it, or hate it. Do I have many careers? No. I have one that I enjoy. Working in Education with Special Needs children is definitely an admirable career, one that I enjoy, but sometimes question my “worth” compared to other, fancier jobs – lawyers, doctors, etc. The whole, I want to call it “The Barbie Complex” makes me wonder. What type of ideals and standards do women feel forced to fit into? Ones that Barbie imposed on us as little girls, ones created by the media, or a combination of the two to fit into every man’s desire?

What Barbie lacked was a personality and character. I am almost always smiling and enjoy sharing my optimistic viewpoint with everyone I know. I appreciate a good attitude in others almost as much as I appreciate a good sense of humor. Throughout the many times I’ve played with Barbie, dressing her up in her fashionable clothes (can I just have a big income to buy awesome clothes, please?), I never got the feeling she was happy with herself.

Instead of trying to cover up our imperfections and flaws, why not let your inner sexy shine? Everyone has their imperfections. It’s about time we celebrate our own differences instead of trying to copycat ourselves to what is considered beautiful and trendy by someone else’s standards.


2 Responses to “The Barbie Complex.”

  1. Dina El-Hakim November 27, 2010 at 7:43 pm #

    great post, thank you 🙂
    i preferred Legos over Barbie as a kid, but I still became a girly girl 🙂

    – Dina

    • Cristina November 27, 2010 at 7:46 pm #


      I often compare during my attempt to online date. It’s really terrible.

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