Back to Basics.

1 Dec
I admit it, I’m not a fancy chef. I can barely cook, except I rely on my most favorite cookbooks for guidance, ideas and of course recipes! Most of the time, I’m whipping things together last minute. I hate it when I have an awesome idea for a meal or snack, and somewhere along the line, everything falls apart. That’s why I…

Love customized meal plans!


I love it. I love someone telling me what to eat. It takes the guesswork out out everything. Although, I sometimes do change what I’m being told to eat, but in the end I’m the one doing the choosing of what foods specifically, but really following a nutritional guideline. Whenevr I see meal plans in my favorite healthly living magazines such as “SELF”, I get so overjoyed with excitment. There’s always a different way of looking at it, but in the end… I do what works for me, and if I need to, tweak it!

For the past few days, I’ve been getting back to basics. I always feel like I use this term when things go a bit crazy. I know it’s been crazy bananas, with the various races I’ve trained for, and work life gets crazy to. Neglecting what I needed to do, I’ve lost weight in the process. Oopsie. You don’t ever hear of a HLB (healthy living blogger) write that they need to gain weight in a loose weight focused world, but I do.

During my recovery days, I joked that I had a “body by Boost”, except now… I’m including nutritional supplements to gain extra calories. The supplements aren’t too tasty, but I only view this as a temporary add-on until I quite honestly, pack on the pounds.


When things get crazy, how do you get yourself back on track? I am not a fan of counting calories. Sure, I do look at the nutritional information to get an idea if it fits into my plan, and modify/tweak/change it from there. Secondly, if I want that peice of cheesecake I have it. My “meal plan” includes dessert, which is the best part of any meal. If I don’t want dessert, so fine.. so be it, I don’t have it.

But, life’s too short not to indulge.


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