Pretty Little Things.

8 Dec
As an attractive, free spirited, and confident thirty something, the chances of me meeting Mr. Right out and about in everyday life is slim to none. Half the time, I’m lounging in Yoga pants, a sweatshirt and probably with minimal makeup on. Except, I’ve been attempting to find Mr. Awesome on but the experience of it, is definitely in a category of it’s own.

As a kind of social beauty experiment, I decided to create a fake account on the site, to really prove a point: pretty rules. The findings were disturbing, but I need to share. For the first few days, I let the account be picture free. I occasionally checked the account for dubbed “winks” (a notion that you like someone’s profile), except “I” hadn’t received one. Yesterday, I decided to add a model-esque photo to the add.

The response was alarming. Compared to a well written, sincere yet genuine profile of my own vs a short introduction, the fake account within a period of a day had more hits than my own. I honestly didn’t want to know the results of my beauty experiment.

Pretty rules. Ugly doesn’t. If you’re not someone with model looks, you won’t get an ounce of attention that you’re hoping for. I often play dress up and take photos when I’ve got more makeup on than during the week. I hate having the pressure to feel “hot” in a photo because that determines what kind of activity I will have.

What a shallow world we live in.


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