Rainy Sunday.

12 Dec
Oh, Boston. Sometimes you really have me at hello, but today… such a disappointment. Our weather has been just off. I don’t mind that we just haven’t had the “S” word yet (I dare say it and have a present on my car tomorrow morning), but lately it’s been so cold that I feel so uninspired to go running, or pretty much do anything awesome, aside from go to work to see my kiddies. But… it’s raining, which for me translates into total laziness all things healthy!

Typically on a Sunday, I’ll sleep in a little later. Except, I was craving breakfast. I knew what I wanted. If you somehow missed today’s earlier entry, I’m switching to a Vegetarian diet. Getting enough protein has always been a challenge, Vegetarian or not. For breakfast, I was craving blueberry Chobani yogurt. Why? I can’t beat 14g of protein, baby. But, the container I picked was expired. Not only was this one, but…


was four other containers! Boo. I was so disappointed. I think it’s funny that my Dad enjoys Chobani, since I didn’t think he was really into healthy eating. Secondly, I can’t eat Greek yogurt all the time because it sometimes triggers IBS. However, I grabbed some Stonyfield yogurt that wasn’t expired (that reminds me, I really need to pick up some more yogurt) and topped it with some banana. The combination was a first for me, but I sometimes see other HLB’ers doing it and thought “why not, that sounds good”. And it was. Plus, I love banana’s.

I have a little confession. I don’t take Vitamins, but Flinstone’s are where it’s at! I thought it was very important with my new diet switch, that I take one. I know there are adult vitamins, yes.. I’m fully aware, but I’ve always taken (very inconsistently) Flintstone’s. To keep myself consistent, I put one per day in a pill case with other medications I take regularly. That’s the least I can do.


Secondly, I try and eat every three to four hours. My breakfast was so unsatisfying that I was hungry not even an hour later. You know, I’m sure you can picture it if I describe this carefully, but I’m standing near the refrigerator, looking for a snack to eat, because it’s that time. Thinking healthy (and telling myself that healthy isn’t boring), I decide upon carrots and hummus.


I hate carrots. I think they are disgusting. I’ve never been a fan of them, ever… but I ate them. The combination of pairing baby carrots with hummus was a good choice, but I would of preferred if I had other raw veggies on hand to dip it in.

Getting back to the weather, and other interesting things… my Dad and I took a trip (what was a very long adventure) to the dealership because yes – I may be getting a new car! You have no idea how much this excites me. The car I currently have, is ten years old. It’s definitely acquired a few battle wounds over the past two years, and really… I’m tired of putting money into it when I know, things will start to break down. It’s exciting, and sometime this week I’ll visit again to test drive the lovely Honda Fit and Honda Civic LX. The idea of having something new, that will not acquire various issues for being old, really is a savings in itself.

After spending two hours at the dealership, I needed fuel stat. Rainy, crappy weather always calls for soup. Again, looking through the cabinets for a Vegetarian friendly option, I settled on my favorite of Amy’s Organic Lentil soup.


Whenever I have soup, you have to have the crackers to go with it. I love to pile the crackers into the soup bowl, and mash it up. If I don’t have the crackers to go with it, I swear it’s not the same. While eating my very late lunch at 3pm, I was watching some program on the Food Network and thinking about what’s for dinner. I’m thinking of a Boca Chick’n burger (if I have it) or a veggie burger (if I have it). If that option fails, there’s always pasta or….

That reminds me, if I plan ahead of time then I know I have it on hand.


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