Rockin’ Rollercoaster.

13 Dec
You know that unsettling feeling? I mean, the feeling that you feel as if your stomach is riding a wild rollercoaster? Yeah, that was me. Promptly waking up before my alarm clock at 5:30am with a feeling, that I couldn’t shake. Having an unsettled stomach for me basically means one of two thigns: IBS flare or I’m hungry. Not really sure what was going on, I remembered that most of the kids I work with are sick, with a terrible stomach bug that includes… I can’t really figure out a polite, non-disgusting way to say it, but throwing up. After visiting the bathroom, I felt better. Needless to say, I took a day off from work to rest, recover and re-energize.

When I’m sick, my eating habits are way off. I don’t even feel like eating. I don’t even feel like doing anything. But, I decided that if I’m staying home and resting, I better make the day somewhat productive, regardless of how I feel. I am definitely a Yoga pants girl, and for a daily dose of inspiration, I put on my favorite Lululemon Wunder Under Crop. Sometimes, I think I look weird in them because my legs are so skinny.

After running around town doing some errands, I thought a trip to Starbucks was in order. I tend to change my drink a lot. Sometimes I keep it simple with a two pump vanilla two pump caramel nonfat latte (my favorite), or really mix it up with a beyond customized drink that I feel embarassed to order, and insit the drink itself not be “called out” at the bar. This morning I ordered a two pump iced caramel Americano.


Except, I really wanted a coffee. I should of known better. The coffee did nothing amazing for me, not even energize me, but only create my stomach to be a bit more upset. Have I not learned my lesson? There are specific times in the month where I can not tolerate caffeine. I sometimes think I’m better cutting it out completely to save my stomach. Because when it doesn’t agree with me, trust me I immediately after the first few sips.

In attempts to make me feel more alive after a coffee upset, I thought “why not.. the weather is balmy, let’s go exercise”. I try and live by the rule of when or when not to exercise. If the problem is above the neck, go for it. If the problem is below the neck, wait until next time. But, it was in the 50ºF range, super balmy. So… I went out.


As soon as I started, wouldn’t you know my Garmin died? I was so disappointed. And then I remembered other little things that put a smile on my face when I feel like crap-o-la.

Fuzzy socks! My feet look like mini candy canes, but I swear they rock.

My dog, Toni! I told her I’d put her on the blog and ha, “make her famous”.


And… simply irresistable, Multigrain Saltine crackers and White Cheddar rice cakes. I swear, I love both of these. When I was out at the market earlier (I know that Market Basket has the best prices around, but I can’t stand dealing with all the crazy grannies who shop there!), I picked up a box. These always make my stomach feel better, but they are addictive.


It’s a foodless post because I’ve barely eaten all day. Time for dinner!


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