Clean Green.

14 Dec
When I thought of the food choices I made and why I was making them, I realized there was a greater purpose. I’m telling you, it’s not an anxiety thing or some secret motive to restrict what I eat, but I am truly concerned where my food comes, and the process that happens before it hits my plate.

I am in support of organic and local. It gives me the satisfaction and security of knowing that my food didn’t travel thousands of miles for me to eat it, ultimately reducing my own carbon footprint. I’m in support of organic, because technically – do I really want to eat chemicals? Chemicals and additives that I can’t even pronounce or even begin to understand what it really is?! No.

Yes, there is a price difference. As someone who is on a tight budget, I try and buy organics when I can. I buy organic yogurt. Do I know the ins and outs of organic eating? No. Do I know what I should by organic and where I can save my money on? Somewhat. In the end, it’s a choice.

If I can’t identify it, why eat it?


2 Responses to “Clean Green.”

  1. Kali December 15, 2010 at 3:48 pm #

    I like your point. Why put things in your body if you don’t know what they are? I figure I might as well spend a little more now then get sick from something later in life and spend more money then!

    • Cristina December 15, 2010 at 8:37 pm #


      I’m the same way with medication. I’d rather not put chemicals inside.

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