Change It All.

23 Dec
It seems like every year I come up with a too overblown list of things I want to resolve in my life. Every year, the list is so unachiveable with specific little details, that of how I want to go about making that change, only to give up a few days in. We’ve all seen it before. The group of individuals who say they want to “get healthy” for the new year. Thousands try, but only few succeed.

For the past year, I can honestly say I made my goal. The goal was commit myself to health and fitness. I knew I wanted to started running. The only way to start was to lace up, and get out there. I’ve sure learned a lot from my running experiences, which lead me to becoming more health conscious of what I eat and why. It was beyond amazing that I found myself still running in the middle of the Summer, to only realize that I really can do what I put my mind to. It was a crazy weird feeling, that for the first time… I mastered something that I thought was near impossible. To really embrace healthy living, and then this blog was “born” towards the end of the year.

What does 2011 have in store? Here are my healthy inspired resolutions:

  • Stop beating yourself up over imperfections of image and body
  • Wear casual makeup everyday to instantly boost my confidence
  • Run a fierce and strong 10K (mmm 6.2mi of pure love)
  • Gain strong, sexy new curves from consistent cardio + strength
  • Eat balanced meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and three snacks)
  • Maintain a healthy weight

Aside from that, I’m ready for this holiday break to refreshen my outlook.


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