Hot Mess.

26 Dec
So even though I can’t erase the almost box of Torrone nought candy I ate the other night, plus countless salt water taffies, and oddles of dip, I wanted to start of Sunday with the best of intentions. No matter what, sometimes I just need to accept that life and healthy living included, does not always work out the way I want it to.

Introducing breakfast. Breakfast. You’re not my friend, you’re not my foe, but I need to learn to like you. I mean, I was super disappointed. Typically, when I order oatmeal at Starbucks (where I was this morning, I usually get brown sugar topping. I know, I know, not the healthiest… but I think oatmeal is just boring without. I went for nut topping, which I was very disappointed.


Because of all the delicious leftovers, I could easily of snacked on shrimp cocktail and dip. Or cheese and crackers. Or wait, crackers and sun dried tomato-goat-cheese-pesto spread. Instead, I wanted to get creative. With all the ingredients, I could easily put something together. Except, I didn’t feel like cooking. Let’s just say, lunch was one hot mess.


It was somewhat inspired by the Whole Foods hot bar. I reminded myself that several times, I’ve paried hot items in a salad. So… we had some green beans left over that were cooked in the oven with EVOO, bacon, and garlic. Delicious! The sald was not my own creation, but I loved the whole dried cranberries, feta cheese, but not the walnuts since I had so many leftover when I stopped.

For a little protein, some shrimp cocktail on the side with two teaspoons of cocktail sauce. Overall, my lunch was so filling and so random, that I really couldn’t even finish my cocktail shrimp. Sometime after lunch, my Mum declared that my Dad’s gift card from Target had gone missing. Stress and anxiety causes me to go right back to the candy. I literally ate five peices of salt water taffy.

I definitely didn’t make great food choices, but hopefully it will get better.


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