Some Like it Hot.

28 Dec
I admit it. I get overly excited when I discover something that’s totally “foodie” of me that I literally feel like my belly is enjoy the fireworks of food excitment. I know it doesn’t make sense, but really… I am a foodie, and perhaps I take after my Mum. But anyways, the smallest things make me the happiest, and that includes food discovers that I feel the need to share with the world.

Breakfast. I’m really trying here. After feeling quite disappointed in the nutty topping + oatmeal combination from Starbucks, I decided to keep it simple. But wait. Houston (shouldn’t it be Boston?) we have a problem. I was notifed, and I nearly cried, that my dark cherry syrup at Starbucks was discontinuned. What?! I used to love my dark cherry soy chai’s. Iced, of course. I was forced to make the switch from their now discontinued almond syrup to the dark cherry, because I liked that flavor. Today, I tried caramel and sorry, it just wasn’t the same.


Moving on. For lunch, I felt a real healthy craving. All that sugary treats I’ve had? It totally got to me this morning. Trust me, I was in bed for an hour waiting for the gastrointestinal spasms to subside. I decided to tweet Caitlin and ask if internal stress can trigger GI issues. Her response? Yes! Well, I kind of had a feeling something was up down there, but just to be on the safe side, I took some of my trusty medication and let things simmer down before I make any decison (wait it out vs call the doctor). Getting back to lunch, there’s a place called Chipotle. Amazing.


Introducing, the Fajita Burrito. Awesome. The size of the burrito is huge. Huge. Just looking at it,I thought “I’m going to conquer you like I conquer 13.1”. Hahah, I’m not that bad ass. But really, I ate almost the whole thing. Except, once you get to the bottom, everything starts to fall apart. It happens. I say, ditch the wrap and use a fork. To compliment my burrito…


CHIPS! Their chips are awesome. Yeah, they’re a bit salty… and yeah, I feel slightly enlarged from eating most of them, but they’re super super good. I ordered some mild (go with mild, trust me) salsa to go with the chips. Also, I was really surprised to see how many chips I was given. I got a small bag (it’s one size) of chips, and it was plenty. Of course, I snacked on the chips on the ride home. How could I not? Clearly, they wanted me to eat them. And my Dad ate some too.

Out of nowhere, I had an idea. Why not record a little video? Alright, trust me… the way I am in this video, I swear if you ever met me in real life, you’d want me as your BFF. I am just that awesome. But yeah, I had the idea of the video. Go ahead, and watch it. In case you’re wondering, yes I am just as bubbly in person as I am in the video blog.

The end..


One Response to “Some Like it Hot.”

  1. Erin December 29, 2010 at 2:48 am #

    Love love love Chipotle! I’m a medium salsa girl. 😉 Tony
    is quite the camera star!

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