I Run for Cupcakes.

29 Dec
On a fitness related interview I said, “running zero miles is a failure, but running one mile is a success”. It’s true. When I think about my experiences in running, I can’t look and justify me running over two hundred miles in one year. Yes, it’s a success. But I couldn’t of been able to make leaps and bounds without taking the first step. Sometimes it’s just that simple. Putting on your run gear, your sneakers and have some good tunes to fuel the ride.

Of course, when I started running I thought about the mileage. It was a dream of mine to run five. But, not really sure what to do, I put on my sneakers, took my iPod with me, and just went out. I ran. I can’t sit here and say it was easy. I felt silly at times. Who was I, kidding myself… that I could be a runner. I really started running in January. I started running because I was bored. Because I wanted a challenge. Yes, running is a challenge. Once I hit bigger mileage markers (five miles, a 10K and running nine and a half miles), I felt a success.

I don’t like using numbers as a success marker. I feel so inspired by my own running that I want others to “see the light” for themselves, and realize their true power. You can do it. It won’t be easy, but you are capable. I’m the girl that for years I was told I could never be a runner, and here I am… just in October, I ran a half on a whim. Yeah baby, 13.1 miles of pure lovin’. McLovin’ if you want to get funky with it. The point is, you have to start somewhere. So what if you’re focusing on running that one mile? You’re starting. You’re not saying “forget it, I can’t do it”. If you go into that run with a negative attitude, I’m sorry but you won’t get far.

Sometimes all I need is a bad day to kill it on the pavement. From experience, bad experience and negative things really fuel my dubbed “quick and dirty” runs. The kind of run where you run your heart into the pavement, leaving your soul buried inside, only to crave more and more. I love those. I love the feeling of leaving myself into the pavement. It’d kind of a philosophical way of looking at it, but I can run anywhere. I don’t need fancy gear. Alright, so I’d like to have my Garmin with me and my iPod shuffle. But I can do it anywhere. The feeling that I get from a single run is amazing. It’s unbelieveable. Sometimes I really surprise myself. Going into a run with an open mind, keeping myself spiritually and mentally open, and then out of nowhere – I pull a fast split. I have to keep myself open. I can’t go into it with some judgement on myself, thinking about how “bad” or how “imperfect” the last run was. Each run is different.

Running isn’t perfect. Running teaches me to be less critical of myself. If I can let the little things go, everything else will fall into place. I love, I crave those days where my spiritual Self (notice the capital “S”) and my mental awareness, fall into place during a run. It’s like, I could run for hours. Because I’m in the moment. Nothing else matters because I’m doing what I love to do. See, this is what I crave. That feeling of being one unit, one being with something that I am so dedicated to.

Dedication will get you far, but lazyness won’t.


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