Winners vs Losers.

2 Jan
Over the past few days, I’ve been doing a lot of self reflection. It’s beyond me to think that just last year, I was focusing on running one mile. It sounded beyond challenging. It was so hard that when I finally ran that one mile, I felt on top of the world. Sure, to other runners that one mile my not be as awesome as their half marathon, but the fact that I went out there and continiously worked on it, does count for something.

It makes me think. Why doubt myself when it comes to running? Over the past few days, I’ve really doubted my “skills” when it comes to running. I am not a professional. I’m not a beginner, but I’ve gained enough experience to get an idea of when to push myself and when to stop. That knowing doesn’t come overnight. But, what really gets me… is that longer distances can be so challenging that I really do question myself. Am I really ready for the next step? Yes, yes… dubbed “Pink Warrior” was spontaenous. I am still so impressed with myself that I finished. I finished. There was only one runner (it was me) and I definitely was the true winner.

But when it comes to winners vs losers, if you finish… you’re a winner. I don’t run these races to come in first. Gee, I am no where near coming in first. But I do get midly excited when I place before a 91-year old man, or place before an 8-year old boy. I like to think I can beat the boys. I’d like to think I can beat the girls. I’d like to think that I can beat myself. On the flip side, running isn’t a win-loose. I love seeing people active in the neighborhood. Just out there, doing something. If you can get your sneakers on and get out there, you’re a winner. I hate feeling like the only person out there, doing what I love. Except, on occasion in bad weather (ie: snowstorms) I am out there, running. Yes, in the snow. Flurries all around me, as if I’m running in a snowglobe. It’s fun.

Whatever it is you love to do, do it. Don’t make excuses for yourself. Who cares if you’re a slow runner? Who cares. Do you care? If that’s what you want to work on, work on it. I certainly did not have a training plan or a workout buddy when I started. The only person who I had to compete with, was myself. If I can’t get myself out there to run/train, nobody will do it for me.

I’m all about self-empowerment. If you try, you’ve already won.


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