The Whole Story.

9 Jan
Yes, I’m petite. Yes, I can kind of eat whatever I want, except… little did I realize that the “whatever” part would eventually catch up to me. When I was younger (and I’m talking about my early twenties), I had a stomach of steel. You name it, I ate it. McDonalds, Burger King, onion rings, French fries, sweets of all varities… I ate it. In fact, I loved these things so much that sometimes I accidentally over induldged, only to wonder why I did that. Why did I eat a Burger King junior whopper, a medium French fry and a side order of onion rings? It wasn’t so much that I didn’t enjoy the meal, but it was the after effect that really caused the most internal and emotional stress.

The transition into a brand new year has been difficult. Of course, I want to leave some old habits behind and create new habits. Except, it’s taken me a couple of days to get my healthy mojo back. Because I don’t need to eat any more sweet treats, I threw out whatever candy and sugary crap I had into the trash. I can’t even attempt to stare at it any longer when I’m going through the cabinets. All of the bad food throw away, required a trip to Whole Foods.


I made out like a bandit. I always find a trip to Whole Foods so cleansing. During this trip, the intention was to pick healthier choices of the things I’d normally eat, but with a twist. I can somehow get lost in the produce section. I really wanted to pick up some organic apples, but I knew that I’d literally have to watch the apple consumption because I have a really hard time digesting them without taking medication first. Do I always have medication on hand? No, but I really should keep a few pills on hand just in case I get into trouble.

As you can see, I did indulge a little bit. Of course I picked up salt and vinegar chips! They really are my favorite, but here’s the thing. I am not a fan of diets. I never ever blog about a “diet” I am on or some crazy meal plan that I saw in a magazine. I try not to “banish” one food item because that only makes me crave it more! Other goodies I picked up were, well… yummy things!

I should point out the breakfast items. As for you my dear ignored friend, I will do my best to make you apart of my morning and leave the caffeine behind. I’ve heard great things about Kashi cereal, and wanted to try. Why? Because it sounds delicious, and secondly… it’s loaded with fiber (which still scares the crap, um.. out of me!) and protein. Good stuff.

A special thanks to Diana for her suggestions of how to nix the sweet stuff and make healthier choices!


One Response to “The Whole Story.”

  1. Diana January 17, 2011 at 10:21 am #

    You’re welcome! Looks like you found some great stuff! 🙂

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