Getting Healthy With It.

10 Jan
Getting back on track is really hard. Especially after the holidays, and with all the extra sweets lingering around the house, I did my best yesterday to remove whatever I had in my secret stash and throw it away. Seriously, I can’t have that stuff near me. It spells trouble from the first bite, and if it’s too tempting and I know I can’t resist, it’s better off in the trash.

Before bed, I try and remember to plan my meals ahead using my favorite memo application for iPhone. I’ve tried the pen and paper model before, but I always get so self critical that I wish I wrote “breakfast” differently, etc and well.. if I write it on my iPhone using Awesome Note, I can’t complain or become OCD-ish about my messy handwriting. It was nice for a change to have a plan of attack in the morning, especially where I’m always crunched for time.

Breakfast was… awesome. The Kashi Go Lean Toasted Berry Crumble cereal rocks. It’s like my healthy fix. It’s the perfect mix of sweet, and granola like texture, without being too sweet. Breakfast was also paired with a kiwi-blueberry mix I got from Whole Foods. The fruit was also so delicious that I nearly ate the whole container. It was yes, just that good. I also had a Clif fruit twist. It was yummy!


Whenever lunchtime strolls around, I don’t have a lot of time to eat. My lunchbreak is thirty minutes, and it flies by before I know it’s over. Thinking ahead, I brought a healthy mix of items for lunch. A couple of days ago, my Mum made this chicken dish (I want to call it chicken cordon blu?), but it was breaded chicken and on the inside it was wrapped with ham and cheese. I paired it with satuteed brocolli. Unfortunately, because the lunch items were so old, it was tasteless! So what was lunch? Carrot Dippers, left over pretzels from morning snack, and coconut water. I did eat some of the brocolli, but added some salt for flavor because it really needed it.


Around 2:30pm is when the caffeine slump hit. I was quite tempted to grab a Dr. Pepper from the machine. I can’t believe it’s been restocked. I wish it wasn’t so I wouldn’t be tempted. But I resisted. If I had the change, I would of gotten a can, but what would of that done for me? On that same note, I purposely brought the coconut water to wean off any lack of caffeine induced headache. When the kids left for the day, I got the munchies big time! I didn’t really have an afternoon snack in mind, but I knew that if I didn’t satisfy what I wanted (there goes that emotional eating again..) I was going to be in trouble.

Snack was… good, but not as satisfying. I ordered a Starbucks strawberry banana smoothie.


But it wasn’t enough. When I got home, I ate four very small oatmeal cookies. I really could of opened up the bag of salt and vinegar chips I bought yesterday at Whole Foods. I almost did, but then I thought “dinner is soon” so why spoil my appetite? The smoothie was good, but I was hungry for something solid aside from the cookies. I tend to get the munchies around 3pm, but I was pretty impressed that breakfast kept me satisfied despite how “small” it was.

PS: I do like the photo “pairs” better than single photos.


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