Perfect Pair.

9 Feb
It’s tough to stay consistent and motivated when you can come up with a zillion excuses (and then some) why you shouldn’t. Excuses don’t get you anywhere. People always ask me if I run with a partner, and the truth is I don’t. Even if I had the opportunity to run with someone else, I probably wouldn’t. It sounds very black and white to say this, but if I’m relying on someone else to run with me or even work out with, and they can’t attend because I’m dependent on them, it doesn’t work. I think it’s just as important to be independent and do it yourself, because that’s how success happens.

Over the weekend, decided to rearrange some things and organize my room. The Yoga mat was tucked away, living in a corner of the room. I almost forgot I had a Yoga mat to begin with. I thought “if I move it into plain sight, maybe that will motivate me to use it more”. Therefore, I decided to move it right next to my foam roller. It’s important that I mention the placement of this is crucial. It’s new home is right next to my nightstand, across from my bed. Everytime I crawl into bed, I see it. To make everything simple, my YogiToes mat is rolled with my mat.

Why not make it simpler?


Also, I decided to put aside a simple Yoga outfit on the closet door. Both are Lululemon Not So Deep V Bra and Wunder Under Crop. So far, the perfect pair switch has been quite successful. Since then, I have practiced Yoga a total of three times and used my foam roller too. If I didn’t move the Yoga mat and it’s Power Yoga for Happiness 2 companion, I may not have used both otherwise.

Make a simple switch and get ready for a whole new beginning!


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