Winter Blues.

9 Feb
There’s nothing I want more than sunny skies, warm weather and flip flops. The past couple of weeks have been extremely challenging. Ever since the holidays have ended, I’ve been trying to create more balance in my life. For whatever reason, I always feel like I’m on the go. Rushing to get out the door to grab something on my way to work, rushing to eat my lunch, and rushing to squeeze in other to do’s in the day, when I literally can’t see myself getting these “little things” taken care of.

Because of my overly ambitious wants, I’m now fighting a viral infection. Over the past few days, I’ve been doing my best to create balance and peace in areas of my life that are off center, especially my diet.

Creating balance where there isn’t any, starts with breakfast.


Sometimes the little things make me happy. The other day at Stop & Shop, I picked up a bag of white cheddar rice cakes. I try and save money where I can, but I was so disappointed in the store brand. No offense, but Quaker is where it’s at. The store brand wasn’t as “cheesy” as Quaker, and tasted stale. My white cheddar rice cakes were a fair snack, but I wish I “splurged” on the other brand.


After hours of feeling beyond crappy, I left work early to rest and load up on over the counter cold medication, which truthfully does nothing for me since it’s a viral infection. Moving on, but continuing on with the cheap eats, I had ramen noodles and Kellog Cracker Chips for lunch. Truthfully, these are a Popchips wannabe. They’re OK but I wasn’t too into the ramen noodles. It was a quick bite so I could crawl back into bed after lunch.

Dinner was delicious! Veggie wraps from a local eatery.


To keep everything balanced, I added a string cheese (extra protein) and sliced strawberries. When i do plan my meals, do follow a meal plan created by my Dietician. I’m terrible at times for sticking to my guidelines and caloric intake (as in I don’t eat enough!), but I’m really doing my best to focus on myself and getting back to basics. Whatever works, do it so you can succeed.

Healthy eating isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle choice.


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