The Yoga Remix Challenge.

10 Feb
It feel so good to be back on the mat. Sometimes I wish I never “quit” Yoga. If you’ve never practiced Yoga before, but you’ve heard a lot about it… I suggest you visit your local Lululemon Athletica store and talk to an Educator about Yoga classes in your area. The store nearest me has free passes to various Yoga studios in the area, which is always great to discover which class is best for you. Back to the story… I do really love Yoga. It’s one of those things that once you discover it’s power, you feel so connected to what you’re really trying to achieve, instead of talking about it, or in my case… blogging about it!

Last January at my local Yoga studio, my awesome Yoga teacher who I haven’t seen since the Summer, created a Yoga challenge. The challenge was to take thirty Yoga classes in thirty days or to take five classes a week over a period of eight weeks. Of course I wanted to try it myself, but I was in a very different mindset then as to what I am now. I think I lasted a week on on the challenge, but stopped because life got in the way and I couldn’t regain my focus.

The Yoga Remix Challenge
Starting: Thursday, February 10 2011 // Ending: Thursday, March 10 2011
What: 30 Yoga sessions/classes in 30 Days
Where: Anytown, USA (and beyond) at your home or take classes locally
How: Log your workouts on dailymile
Why: Follow fellow challengers on dailymile and our challenge group too

C’mon… what do you have to loose? Let’s go.


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