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13 Feb
Everything is changing. I swear, I can feel it. Don’t get me wrong, Yoga is huge. But, in a time frame of just five days, I have practiced Yoga six times. Yes, six. Do the math. Actually, looking back on my dailymile log, sometimes I had two sessions in one day. It’s pretty intense, but a good kind of intensity.

Today marked practice number six. Yes, I am practicing Yoga at home (to save money and the occasional embarrassment of farting mid Downward Dog), but today I ventured out to a local studio. A big thanks to my Lululemon Athletica Burlington Mall for the treat of a free Yoga class. It’s been a very long time since I attended a real class with other live bodies. The class was a nice treat, but I encountered one major problem.

Comparing myself to other Yogi’s. It’s tough. I know that I’m not that advanced and I can’t bend myself into pretzel like poses, but I compare. It’s not that I’m trying to “out do” the person next to me, but I do like the challenge of nailing an advanced pose. Whenever there’s an opportunity for a little twisting, etc… I always look around to see who’s doing what naturally. I look. To stop looking at others, I decided to wave my hand to the instructor and ask for guidance for one of the more challenging poses: Wheel. Of course, I explained that I never tried the pose before, but I wanted to try it anyhow. I did try and of course, everyone was looking at me which made me feel awkward. And then… I couldn’t even get myself off the ground. I felt like a failure.

But Yoga isn’t about failure. It’s about reconnecting yourself with your practice. Of course I’m going to struggle here and there. I get pretty impressed with myself when I was able to stretch more into Bow the second time around. It’s going to take time, but part of me thinks that because I’ve been practicing Yoga since college, I should “get” it by now.

What are your thoughts on self competition in a fitness class?


Winter Blues.

9 Feb
There’s nothing I want more than sunny skies, warm weather and flip flops. The past couple of weeks have been extremely challenging. Ever since the holidays have ended, I’ve been trying to create more balance in my life. For whatever reason, I always feel like I’m on the go. Rushing to get out the door to grab something on my way to work, rushing to eat my lunch, and rushing to squeeze in other to do’s in the day, when I literally can’t see myself getting these “little things” taken care of.

Because of my overly ambitious wants, I’m now fighting a viral infection. Over the past few days, I’ve been doing my best to create balance and peace in areas of my life that are off center, especially my diet.

Creating balance where there isn’t any, starts with breakfast.


Sometimes the little things make me happy. The other day at Stop & Shop, I picked up a bag of white cheddar rice cakes. I try and save money where I can, but I was so disappointed in the store brand. No offense, but Quaker is where it’s at. The store brand wasn’t as “cheesy” as Quaker, and tasted stale. My white cheddar rice cakes were a fair snack, but I wish I “splurged” on the other brand.


After hours of feeling beyond crappy, I left work early to rest and load up on over the counter cold medication, which truthfully does nothing for me since it’s a viral infection. Moving on, but continuing on with the cheap eats, I had ramen noodles and Kellog Cracker Chips for lunch. Truthfully, these are a Popchips wannabe. They’re OK but I wasn’t too into the ramen noodles. It was a quick bite so I could crawl back into bed after lunch.

Dinner was delicious! Veggie wraps from a local eatery.


To keep everything balanced, I added a string cheese (extra protein) and sliced strawberries. When i do plan my meals, do follow a meal plan created by my Dietician. I’m terrible at times for sticking to my guidelines and caloric intake (as in I don’t eat enough!), but I’m really doing my best to focus on myself and getting back to basics. Whatever works, do it so you can succeed.

Healthy eating isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle choice.

Healthy Beginnings.

10 Jan
Here are a few simple (almost) revised resolutions for the new year

Eat breakfast seven days a week, no excuses
I admit. I’m not a fan of breakfast, but I was pretty damn excited to try my new Kashi cereal. Let me tell you, it rocks. Whenever I have eaten breakfast in the past, it’s never been cereal just because I have textural issues with um, soggy cereal syndrome. But really, I was so impressed with the yummy sweetness of the cereal that once I downed nearly a cup of this healthy crack, I wanted more.

Cut out caffeine, completely and yes, half-caf is still cheating
Tough one. I drink coffee seven days a week. I do. I have one cup a day, sometimes two… but it’s always one. It’s in the mornings, as I’m on my way to work. I decided to cut it out because well, I’m too dependent on it, I’ve noticed it messes with my normal sleep schedule, and it bothers my stomach. So far so good, I haven’t had any caffeine today what so ever even though at 2:30pm I got a craving for a can of Dr. Pepper. Luckily, I didn’t have any change because otherwise, I would of made a trip to the soda machine and got what I wanted.

Drink more fluids, especially water
I think plain water is disgusting. Sorry, it’s gross. I filled up my CamelBak (24oz) of cherry pomegranate Crystal Light. For the first time (and please don’t laugh) I drank all 24oz of flavored water at work. Not only did I finish it, but I also brought pineapple coconut water with me to aide with any potential headache because I’m kicking the caffeine – and if I don’t have coffee, I get headaches. Yeah, I’m that “depedent”. The coconut water was quite tasty, and pineapple is where it’s at.

Going to bed does not mean “play on my iPhone until midnight”
I need more sleep. I need more sleep. The goal? Be in bed before midnight on weekdays. On average during the week, I’d go to bed around 12:30am-ish and wake up always later than I planned. I’d set my alarm clock for 5:45am (plenty of time to wake up, eat breakfast and maybe squeeze in a workout? which never happens), but I always hit snooze. Why? Because I’m not getting enough sleep. I think if I got at least 8hrs of sleep a night, I might not be so zombie like at work sometimes.

That’s it, but it’s pretty concrete.

Energy Boost.

9 Jan
I remember when I was working in Retail, a coworker of mine decided to give up caffeine. In fact, one of my other coworkers there (who was a Starbucks junkie herself) decided to join in. I thought “why not?”. Let’s just say that I lasted a week without caffeine, and it wasn’t easy.

I’m going to do this again, but succeed. The thing is, I can’t tolerate caffeine. I know I’ve been drinking it (I’m talking coffee) for so long that I almost don’t know what it’s like to be off it. Sometimes I’ll do the half-caf variety, but in the end I always find myself replacing caffeine instead of food. The coffee/soda caffeine mix blocks out my ability to sense when I’m hungry.

Secondly, it really bothers my GI tract. It’s one of those things that I sometimes can have but when it bothers me, it really causes trouble. It’s too risky, and why risk it? In the end, it’s not worth it.

The replacement? There isn’t one. It’s no coffee or caffeine. Not getting a coffee is going to be tough. Instead, I need to reprogram my brain that food is fuel, not coffee. Who wants to drink their calories anyhow?

I hope to survive this time.

Change It All.

23 Dec
It seems like every year I come up with a too overblown list of things I want to resolve in my life. Every year, the list is so unachiveable with specific little details, that of how I want to go about making that change, only to give up a few days in. We’ve all seen it before. The group of individuals who say they want to “get healthy” for the new year. Thousands try, but only few succeed.

For the past year, I can honestly say I made my goal. The goal was commit myself to health and fitness. I knew I wanted to started running. The only way to start was to lace up, and get out there. I’ve sure learned a lot from my running experiences, which lead me to becoming more health conscious of what I eat and why. It was beyond amazing that I found myself still running in the middle of the Summer, to only realize that I really can do what I put my mind to. It was a crazy weird feeling, that for the first time… I mastered something that I thought was near impossible. To really embrace healthy living, and then this blog was “born” towards the end of the year.

What does 2011 have in store? Here are my healthy inspired resolutions:

  • Stop beating yourself up over imperfections of image and body
  • Wear casual makeup everyday to instantly boost my confidence
  • Run a fierce and strong 10K (mmm 6.2mi of pure love)
  • Gain strong, sexy new curves from consistent cardio + strength
  • Eat balanced meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and three snacks)
  • Maintain a healthy weight

Aside from that, I’m ready for this holiday break to refreshen my outlook.

Clean Green.

14 Dec
When I thought of the food choices I made and why I was making them, I realized there was a greater purpose. I’m telling you, it’s not an anxiety thing or some secret motive to restrict what I eat, but I am truly concerned where my food comes, and the process that happens before it hits my plate.

I am in support of organic and local. It gives me the satisfaction and security of knowing that my food didn’t travel thousands of miles for me to eat it, ultimately reducing my own carbon footprint. I’m in support of organic, because technically – do I really want to eat chemicals? Chemicals and additives that I can’t even pronounce or even begin to understand what it really is?! No.

Yes, there is a price difference. As someone who is on a tight budget, I try and buy organics when I can. I buy organic yogurt. Do I know the ins and outs of organic eating? No. Do I know what I should by organic and where I can save my money on? Somewhat. In the end, it’s a choice.

If I can’t identify it, why eat it?

Rockin’ Rollercoaster.

13 Dec
You know that unsettling feeling? I mean, the feeling that you feel as if your stomach is riding a wild rollercoaster? Yeah, that was me. Promptly waking up before my alarm clock at 5:30am with a feeling, that I couldn’t shake. Having an unsettled stomach for me basically means one of two thigns: IBS flare or I’m hungry. Not really sure what was going on, I remembered that most of the kids I work with are sick, with a terrible stomach bug that includes… I can’t really figure out a polite, non-disgusting way to say it, but throwing up. After visiting the bathroom, I felt better. Needless to say, I took a day off from work to rest, recover and re-energize.

When I’m sick, my eating habits are way off. I don’t even feel like eating. I don’t even feel like doing anything. But, I decided that if I’m staying home and resting, I better make the day somewhat productive, regardless of how I feel. I am definitely a Yoga pants girl, and for a daily dose of inspiration, I put on my favorite Lululemon Wunder Under Crop. Sometimes, I think I look weird in them because my legs are so skinny.

After running around town doing some errands, I thought a trip to Starbucks was in order. I tend to change my drink a lot. Sometimes I keep it simple with a two pump vanilla two pump caramel nonfat latte (my favorite), or really mix it up with a beyond customized drink that I feel embarassed to order, and insit the drink itself not be “called out” at the bar. This morning I ordered a two pump iced caramel Americano.


Except, I really wanted a coffee. I should of known better. The coffee did nothing amazing for me, not even energize me, but only create my stomach to be a bit more upset. Have I not learned my lesson? There are specific times in the month where I can not tolerate caffeine. I sometimes think I’m better cutting it out completely to save my stomach. Because when it doesn’t agree with me, trust me I immediately after the first few sips.

In attempts to make me feel more alive after a coffee upset, I thought “why not.. the weather is balmy, let’s go exercise”. I try and live by the rule of when or when not to exercise. If the problem is above the neck, go for it. If the problem is below the neck, wait until next time. But, it was in the 50ºF range, super balmy. So… I went out.


As soon as I started, wouldn’t you know my Garmin died? I was so disappointed. And then I remembered other little things that put a smile on my face when I feel like crap-o-la.

Fuzzy socks! My feet look like mini candy canes, but I swear they rock.

My dog, Toni! I told her I’d put her on the blog and ha, “make her famous”.


And… simply irresistable, Multigrain Saltine crackers and White Cheddar rice cakes. I swear, I love both of these. When I was out at the market earlier (I know that Market Basket has the best prices around, but I can’t stand dealing with all the crazy grannies who shop there!), I picked up a box. These always make my stomach feel better, but they are addictive.


It’s a foodless post because I’ve barely eaten all day. Time for dinner!