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Running Isn’t Perfect.

6 Nov
It’s such a weird thing. Running your first race. I mean, it doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced runner or if you just started. You never know how your body is going to perform. I guess it’s safe to say, that regardless of what I am, I’m an athlete who loves her Yoga muscles and considers running her personal zen practice.

Let’s begin. This morning I completed the Run For All Ages 5K, running around a beautiful lake in a neighboring town. Yes, I’m somewhere in Massachusetts. Were known for our sports teams, and well… chilly weather. This morning was no different. It was a bitter 42ºF at the start. No matter how many shot sized cups of Dunkin Donuts coffee’s I had and numerous munchkins, I couldn’t get warm. Of course, I layered up which I really needed to do because it was so cold.

Running the race overall was an emotional out of body experience. Starting out in a pack of people but only to dwindle to the back of the next to existen pack is tough. I wasn’t running with anyone. Believe it or not, all of my training runs are solo. I have this mentality that if I can’t get myself motivated, nobody can do it for me. So I run alone. Before the race, I met up one of my Daily Mile friends. If you’re a runner or some kind of athlete, I suggest joining because the community itself is so amazingly supportative!

Getting started was hell. HELL. I really thought to myself “why am I running this?” but reminded myself that I am capable of running and to finish what I started. I felt myself tearing up before the first mile. The mile markers really helped. I got so excited when I was approaching the three mile mark. I felt a boost of confidence that I did it, that I was next to finished! And trust me, I was thilled to be finished. I completed in 39:03 with a 12:36min/mile and what’s not to love about that?

Next up? Rest, recovery and another race on Thanksgiving morning.


Moody Blues.

23 Oct
Feeling a little uninspired, but enjoy my photo instead.

“Moody Blues Necklace”
23 October 2010