It always seems like there’s some new program to try. But what I’ve found from experience (and multiple so-called failures) is that if there’s too much going on with the plan of the moment, that I somewhere get lost in the shuffle and forget what to do and when to do it. I love workout plans that mix it up to prevent boredom, and that give a calendar.

Yes, creating my calendar (new! for December) took some time (click to enlarge):


For me, I need that accountability. I need to give my workouts set times, as if it’s an appointment. Sure, if something comes up that I can’t start at that set time, no biggie. As long as I do my best to complete the workout for the day. Let’s say I feel like I have extra energy for another workout that isn’t set for that day? Sometimes I’m really energetic, but the point is not to tire myself out. Extra energy? Clean the closet or my room, ha.

Here’s to the last month of the year!


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