Healthy Beginnings.

10 Jan
Here are a few simple (almost) revised resolutions for the new year

Eat breakfast seven days a week, no excuses
I admit. I’m not a fan of breakfast, but I was pretty damn excited to try my new Kashi cereal. Let me tell you, it rocks. Whenever I have eaten breakfast in the past, it’s never been cereal just because I have textural issues with um, soggy cereal syndrome. But really, I was so impressed with the yummy sweetness of the cereal that once I downed nearly a cup of this healthy crack, I wanted more.

Cut out caffeine, completely and yes, half-caf is still cheating
Tough one. I drink coffee seven days a week. I do. I have one cup a day, sometimes two… but it’s always one. It’s in the mornings, as I’m on my way to work. I decided to cut it out because well, I’m too dependent on it, I’ve noticed it messes with my normal sleep schedule, and it bothers my stomach. So far so good, I haven’t had any caffeine today what so ever even though at 2:30pm I got a craving for a can of Dr. Pepper. Luckily, I didn’t have any change because otherwise, I would of made a trip to the soda machine and got what I wanted.

Drink more fluids, especially water
I think plain water is disgusting. Sorry, it’s gross. I filled up my CamelBak (24oz) of cherry pomegranate Crystal Light. For the first time (and please don’t laugh) I drank all 24oz of flavored water at work. Not only did I finish it, but I also brought pineapple coconut water with me to aide with any potential headache because I’m kicking the caffeine – and if I don’t have coffee, I get headaches. Yeah, I’m that “depedent”. The coconut water was quite tasty, and pineapple is where it’s at.

Going to bed does not mean “play on my iPhone until midnight”
I need more sleep. I need more sleep. The goal? Be in bed before midnight on weekdays. On average during the week, I’d go to bed around 12:30am-ish and wake up always later than I planned. I’d set my alarm clock for 5:45am (plenty of time to wake up, eat breakfast and maybe squeeze in a workout? which never happens), but I always hit snooze. Why? Because I’m not getting enough sleep. I think if I got at least 8hrs of sleep a night, I might not be so zombie like at work sometimes.

That’s it, but it’s pretty concrete.


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